UL student team takes 15th in international competition

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A team of UL students who competed in an international marketing competition has come in 15th out of 200 teams. 

The team of Sam Riehl, Emily Daigle and Brandii Champagne were one of 200 teams in the competition in which they traveled across Europe using only Red Bull as currency. Teams were selected from 60 countries around the world. 

According to Red Bull’s contest site, the team traveled across five countries, more than 3,000 miles. 

The team collected more than 60,000 social points, which was the seventh highest. 

The winning team, three students from Linköping University in Sweden, traveled to six countries, more than 4,000 miles. 

To see the team’s page on the Red Bull Can You Make It website, click here.  To visit the team’s local support page, click here

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