Three UL students head to Europe with only Red Bull as their currency

Posted at 10:00 PM, Apr 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-08 23:00:27-04

Imagine traveling a foreign continent with only an energy drink for currency. That’s what three UL students are doing this week in Europe.

It started with a postcard. 

"All it said on it was: Can you make it across Europe using only Red Bull? And I had to read it three or four times, probably the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. I sent it to Brandii with a question mark, just a text message. And she replied, yeah, let’s do it. And we started thinking, who else can we do this with? There’s only one other person, and that was Emily, so we sent it to Emily, and she said, ‘yeah, let’s do it!’" This is how Sam Riehl describes the beginning of the journey.

They entered the Red Bull contest and won the trip to Europe, but that’s really all they won. Once they get there, the mission is to complete challenges throughout Europe and make it from Rome, their starting point, to Amsterdam, all this only using Red Bull as currency. They’ll hand over all their cash and cards and rely on kind strangers and luck.

"Hopefully, we can find hotels that will let us stay or hostiles, or meet some awesome people along the way, and say ‘hey, if you buy ingredients, we’ll cook you a Cajun dinner,’ and if you let us stay at your house… you know, trade our skills that we have. But if not, we’re prepared. We have a tent, sleeping bags, inflatable pillows, everything we need.

Brandii and Sam are incredible hikers, so they knew everything we needed to get for the trip," says team member Emily Daigle.

The journey itself is a contest to win even more adventures, and there are a few ways we can help the local team win points. 

"The more followers, the more points we get. So, the more likes and shares, the better. It helps us build up our points, so we have a chance of winning the competition," says team member Brandii Champagne.

The group can get extra points when people like and share any of their posts on this Facebook page, Sam’s, Emily’s, or Brandii’spersonal pages.