Warning signs, traps set after wild hogs spotted on highway

Posted at 5:51 PM, Apr 04, 2018

BAYOU VISTA, La. – A man who leases the land in St. Mary Parish where wild hogs have been spotted is making the necessary changes to warn people about hogs on the property. 

Wild hogs have been sighted between Berwick and Bayou Vista along Highway 90 and drivers have been slowing down to catch a glimpse.

Hogs are common around St. Mary Parish, but these hogs were causing some drivers to look twice while driving. Black bears are also common in the parish and bear crossing signs are posted all along the roadway in that area.

"They showed up about two weeks ago," said Robbie Darce, leaser of the land. 

Signs have been posted to warn people of the animals and traps have been set, stated Darce.

Jake Darden with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says the chances of being attacked by a wild hog are slim. 

"They root up the ground," Darden said. "They eat a lot of roots systems and they dig through the mud. They use their snouts. If you have a nice pretty field or farmland, you’ll see the rooting signs." 

The land along this part of Highway 90 is private property and strictly used for hunting. 

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