Festival International switches to wristband payment system

Posted at 6:59 PM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 19:59:46-04

Festival International is adopting a new paperless payment system so festival goers won’t have to carry anything with them.

Festival-goers can now wear their form of payment. It will be an adjustable and lightweight wristband with a chip that can be loaded and re-loaded with money. 

"So you can load up the wristband with as much as you want, you can set it to automatically keep you going throughout Festival. In the end whatever you have unused will automatically go back to the card," says Scott Feehan, the Festival International Executive Director. 

For families, everyone can be synced up with multiple wristbands on one account. 

"You can set up a family account and watch what your kids are spending. You can shut off the wristbands if they spend too much. If you lose your wristband you can also cancel it and go get a new wristband," says Feehan. 

For those who don’t want the app tracking spending, it is possible to forgo the app and just load the wristband up at ‘top-up’ or transactional stations. 

The Festival International team says a perk of the new system is less time spent counting tickets which will no longer be used.There will be chip readers where the user can scan the chip to make purchases.