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Mountain Dew’s Newest Soda Is Pitch Black

Mountain Dew’s Newest Soda Is Pitch Black
Posted at 2:00 PM, Mar 06, 2022

Two years after launching Mountain Dew-infused wings, the soda brand is teaming up once again with Buffalo Wild Wings, this time for a new drink flavor.

Mountain Dew Legend is a black-colored soda that was designed by the companies to elevate Buffalo Wild Wings’ sauces, burgers and other bar-food favorites. Mountain Dew says the flavor of Legend combines its classic soda with notes of blackberry, citrus and ginger. It’s not to be confused with Mountain Dew Pitch Black, a similarly hued special offering that first debuted in 2004.

Mountain Dew Legend is available at a select number of Buffalo Wild Wings locations now, with a nationwide roll out planned for all locations by mid-May. The drink is the first exclusive PepsiCo beverage to be served at Buffalo Wild Wings, similar to partnerships the soda giant has done with Taco Bell, KFC and other chains.

There is no word on if the flavor is for a limited time or a permanent addition to Buffalo Wild Wings menu.


This is not the only new offering from Mountain Dew to land in recent months. The brand has also released a boozy line of its sodas coming in four flavors: classic Mountain Dew, Black Cherry, Watermelon and the beloved Baja Blast.

Hard Mountain Dew is currently available in Florida, Iowa and Tennessee, but the company says more states will be added to the list throughout 2022.

Four flavors of Hard Mountain Dew are shown. The hard seltzers are coming out in 2022.
Photo Courtesy: Boston Beer Co./PepsiCo

You’ll also find new soda varieties from Pepsi and Coca-Cola, both of which will be available in stores nationwide and not exclusive to a restaurant or specific states.

New Nitro Pepsi is the first nitrogen-infused cola to hit the market and the brand says it’s actually “softer than a soft drink.” It’s described as creamy and smooth with smaller bubbles than typical soda, all topped off by a frothy foam, made possible by a widget that’s placed inside each can. You’ll find it in two flavors, Draft Cola and Vanilla Draft Cola, beginning March 28.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola’s new Starlight flavor is currently available everywhere you’ll find Coke. The first limited-edition sparkling beverage from Coca-Cola Creations, it has zero sugar and the brand says it has “flavors of unknown stars” that twirl together with the taste of Coca‑Cola. The can itself only describes Coca-Cola Starlight as being “Space flavored.”


What’s your favorite special flavor Mountain Dew has unleashed over the years?

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