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Meet the candidates: St. Landry Parish Sheriff

Posted at 4:44 PM, Sep 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-10 22:11:58-04

Election day is only a few weeks away and one of the races on the ballot in St. Landry Parish, is the race for sheriff.

Bobby Guidroz

Sheriff Bobby Guidroz is facing a challenge from three other candidates. Guidroz says he's running on his reputation.

"I believe we're a good steward of the tax payers money," Guidroz said. "We've grown our patrol division and narcotics. We have added responsibilities from the legislature that requires me to dig into our budget to provide two more deputies with related benefits and vehicles for our sex offender unit."

Carl Hardy

Two of Guidroz's opponents have backgrounds in law enforcement, including Carl Hardy. He has 17 years experience in agencies in Iberia and St.Landry parishes.

"My main goal number one is to deter crime," Hardy said. "What I want to do with St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office as far as budgeting, is open up the budget. Make the budget 100 percent transparent so the people can know the health of their Sheriff's Office. How their office is doing, as far as financially. That way I'm conscientious on how the money is spent as far as training, equipment and training programs. "

Paul DiCapo

Colonel Paul DiCapo has 34 years of law enforcement experience, including time with the D.A's office. He wants the department to work closely with the community.

"It's not community oriented anymore," DiCapo said. "We have to work with the citizens and make them trust us so we can trust them to help us fight crime. With us working together my motto is united we stand, divided we fall for a safer St. Landry Parish."

Lawrence Richard

Lawrence Richard is a political newcomer. He has no background in law enforcement. He wants to reform the parish jail.

"It's overcrowded there now," Richard said. "When I get in office the one that got misdemeanors I will let their bench warrant go towards their fine. So therefore they wont have to pay it no more. I just need one year one year of their time and I will clean up St. Landry Parish."

The election is October 12, 2019.