Jell-O eggs are adorable for Easter and so easy to make

Jell-O Eggs Are Adorable For Easter And So Easy To Make
Posted at 1:15 PM, Mar 10, 2020
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Jell-O is a classic dessert that has been a favorite for generations. This fruity gelatin snack is so versatile! You may remember your grandma’s Jell-O mold desserts she’d always bring for the summer cookouts. Or, maybe you recall enjoying a few rounds of Jell-O shots while in college or at a recent party, because why not? Jell-O is also used in some delicious no-bake pies that are ideal for a quick, yummy dessert.

We love finding fun twists on classic recipes, especially when they are tied to holidays. We may be a little early with the egg-hunting activities, but we did find a wonderfully wiggly snack for Easter that kids of all ages will love: Jell-O Eggs!

Facebook user Cindy McCune shared her version of deviled Jell-O Easter eggs. It may sound a little out there, but this sweet snack is more angelic than devilish.

All you need to create these colorful, edible eggs is a box of your favorite flavor of Jell-O, a deviled egg holder, and some whipped cream. McCune explains the process in just a few simple steps in her post:

This is an Easter treat kids of almost any age can help make to celebrate the holiday. You don’t have to deal with boiling the eggs, handling messy dyes, and wondering how you’re going to eat all those eggs after they’re done. We’re sure these colorful eggs will be gobbled up before the Easter Bunny even makes his rounds!

You could also use an egg-shaped mold for this, if you prefer! There are plenty available on Amazon.

Or you could just use actual egg shells to create an authentic shape. Blogger Just A Taste shows how this is done.

Many creative cooks have put their own spin on the Easter egg tradition using Jell-O. Some have even managed to design multi-colored eggs that almost look too lovely to eat! These are a bit more time-consuming to make, though.

Instagram user @turquoisetoffee shared these exquisitely layered Jell-O eggs that you might want to try!

Instagram user @louie.the.foodie posted stunning, translucent Jell-O eggs with patterns!

How can you make your own Jell-O eggs with multiple colors? The Spend With Pennies blog offers a recipe that uses a syringe and dollar-store plastic eggs to create these colorful treats. For the full method, go here.

So, if you have a few boxes of Jell-O just sitting in the kitchen cupboard, you can experiment with these Easter eggs the whole family will enjoy!

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