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Love Our Schools: Carencro High School

Posted at 8:21 AM, Jun 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-18 09:21:15-04

Love Our Schools an initiative that KATC is partnering with to do some major rehab work at 8 Lafayette schools on July 13th of this year.

One school is painting 92 doors. One schools is installing 200 white boards. Another school simply wants doors without holes in them in the bathroom so students can use it without fear of people looking in.

Beyond improvements to the schools, nearly 5,000 students will receive backpacks filled with school supplies, and more than 600 teachers, and staff will be gifted with much needed supplies. Created for the purpose of affecting meaningful change, this initiative aims to help foster improved educational outcomes.

“We actually do care about each other, hang out with each other, and know each other,” says senior Jacob Flanders. “Instead of fighting and arguing, instead of doing everything else people say Carencro is all about.”

If a school is measured by the quality of its human beings, then the students at Carencro High School prove that this school is a winner.

But with that being said, there are some things that need to be repaired and some items and school structures that could use a bit of touching up.

There are things on the outside and the inside. From the wooden deck that senior Holden Pellerin says, “always needs to be fixed,” to the peeling walls and whiteboards that Mariyah Sion says are just waiting for an update.

The good news for Carencro High is that those new whiteboards are ready for installation.

And the peeling walls? An example which can be found in the school’s theater will get some attention so that all eyes can be directed back at the many talented student performers.

“Usually when we do have a talent show, the audience is watching us perform,” says Jacob Flanders. “But half of them look at the peeling paint on the wall.”

The physical deterioration at the school is a case of lack of funds. These small breaks, blemishes, and aged structures can really detract from the great things happening within the buildings and classrooms.

“It’s not just sports,” says Senior J’Sabiyon Alfred. “I wish they knew about the clubs and the things around here to make Carencro what it is.”

There are plenty of reasons for the students, faculty and staff of Carencro High to be proud. The campus just needs a bit of love and nurturing.

Just wait til you see what happens at Carencro on July 13, when “Love Our Schools” shows CHS a bit of love.

“It’s actually amazing to have people that are caring to come and help us out with our school,” says Mariyah Sion. “Make our school a better place and a safer environment.”

Seven other schools in Lafayette Parish will be getting some much-needed TLC thanks to the “Love Our Schools” initiative. Those schools include:

Click on the school links above to read more about the initiatives. KATC will preview each school leading up to the big day on July 13th.