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How to order a Pink with a Wink at Starbucks for Valentine’s Day

How to order a Pink with a Wink at Starbucks for Valentine’s Day
Posted at 11:35 AM, Feb 09, 2023

Forget roses and chocolate hearts. The perfect sweet treat for Valentine’s Day comes in a Starbucks cup.

Frothy, fresh and gently sweetened, the new “Pink with a Wink” drink is going to become your favorite item from the Starbucks secret menu. Best of all, it’s super easy to order, so you don’t have to get any drive-thru anxiety.

Just ask your barista for a Pink Drink, which is the original secret menu item that Starbucks added to the menu officially in 2017. Made with Strawberry Açaí Refreshes and coconut milk, the Pink Drink is already pretty enough and sweet enough to toast to Cupid. But this new twist on the Pink Drink takes it to the next level: Just ask for the Pink Drink with Chocolate Cream Cold Foam. The silky, chocolaty cream is the perfect complement to the strawberries in the Pink Drink.

You can even make things sweeter by asking for an extra scoop of strawberries or by asking for a pump or two of chocolate mocha syrup.

You might even be able to order the Pink with a Wink drink on your Starbucks app, making this the easiest secret menu item ever. We checked several locations, and it doesn’t seem to be available everywhere. But if your location doesn’t have the Pink with a Wink, just order a Pink Drink and customize your order to include the Chocolate Cream Cold Foam.


And right now you can save on your Pink with a Wink drink order by ordering it via Uber Eats. You will get 50% off your entire order (up to $10) by using the code: VDAY50OFF. Whether you are ordering for yourself or doing a group order for your coworkers or your child’s teachers, this is the perfect way to get all of your Starbucks favorites at a dramatic discount.

If you’re a Starbucks Rewards member, you might want to put in some extra orders sooner rather than later. The coffee chain is changing up its rewards program this month, and starting on Feb. 13, you’ll need more stars — their points system, in which $1 spent earns you one star — to get free coffee and bakery items. Some freebies will double: the program currently gives you a free hot coffee, tea or baked goods at 50 stars right now, but those will become 100-star rewards on Feb. 13. However, 25 stars will still get you a free extra espresso shot or syrup, and 400 stars will still earn you merchandise like cups.

Looking to save more at Starbucks? You can bring your own cup to save 10 cents (and the environment). Bonus: The new Starbucks Valentine’s Day merch is super cute!


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