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Weeks after Hurricane Laura destroys a couple's home, they are forced to evacuate...again

Posted at 10:20 PM, Sep 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-14 08:16:09-04

VENICE — Sally is approaching Louisiana just three weeks after hurricane Laura devastated the southwestern part of the state. Evacuees who fled the Lake Charles area for New Orleans are now looking for another place to stay.

Josh Duhon and his husband rode out hurricane Laura at their Sulpher home. The storm left holes in their roof, causing leaks and forcing them to leave days later. They evacuated to Venice.

"It's one of those things you get so excited about, you get the text you have power in your area, and then you're like, I don't have a home anymore" Duhon said.

For the last two weeks they've been living in a relative's trailer, and making plans to rebound.

"Were kind of without jobs at the moment, so we were going to pick up shifts at the Chili's and Buffalo Wild Wings here, we were about to get started with that, but were about to leave again" Duhon said.
Those plans are now on hold, as sally approaches the coast, they're evacuating again. This time they're going to Atlanta.

"We had already had vacation plans to go there--obviously that was canceled--and this is our hurrication, so we'll just heading up to Atlanta for a few days and ride it out there and hopefully come back here."

Duhon says he plans to begin repairing his home in October.

Still... as he prepares to flee a second hurricane he says he's grateful to be alive.

"It almost feels like you're in a dream, you went through everything, you evacuated, you feel like you're getting a routine back down, some normalcy back in your life, and all of sudden you're starting back up again even though you haven't processed that you lost everything less than a month ago" Duhon said.