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UL Lafayette mourns the loss of First Lady, Gail Savoie

Gail Savoie
Posted at 7:56 AM, Jun 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-13 09:23:28-04

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette announced the death of UL's First Lady Gail Heinbach Savoie, wife of University President Dr. Joseph Savoie. Gail Savoie passed away Sunday following an extended illness. In a statement, Dr. Savoie remembered his wife of forty-four years as "A proud ambassador for her alma mater and its greatest cheerleader". He also offered his thanks for the community's support during this difficult time. Mrs. Savoie is survived by her husband, her children, Blair and Adam, as well as her granddaughter Addison Marie.

“I remember my first time walking on this campus at orientation. I could
not believe that people would actually look at you in the face, smile and say, ‘Hi,’ and they didn’t know who the heck you were. I had never experienced that and it was just great. I knew I had found home. I didn’t want to be anywhere else and, to this day, you can walk on this campus and still have that same feeling of acceptance,” Savoie said.

Funeral services are pending and under the direction of Delhomme Funeral Home.