Santa goes virtual

Virtual Claus
Posted at 3:30 AM, Nov 24, 2020

Talking to Santa is a must for kids around the holidays.

But with Covid-19 guidelines in place, parents may be wondering how they are going to make that happen.

A virtual call with the big man himself might just be the solution to help keep your Christmas for the little ones merry and bright.

The smile on a child's face is what makes Santa Tony's day complete.

"This has really taken off," Santa Tony said. "It's a little different, but the children seem to like it."

Tony admitted that he was scared about this year. He did not know what kind of experience kids would be able to get.

But after a phone call from an old friend, a brain-storming moment, and Virtual Claus was born.

"So many people are becoming familiar with online chatting tools, like zoom, so we decided to give it a shot," Jarred Chappel, co-founder of Virtual Claus, said.

The process is easy.

You go to the website, pick the amount of time you would like for your virtual visit, fill out a quick questionnaire about your child, and Santa will pay them a visit.

"Having something that is just a little bit normal for the holiday season, this helps them cope a little bit," Chappel said.

While many aspects of the holidays will look and feel a little different this year, keeping the magic of the season alive for little believers does not have to change.

To book your Virtual Claus visit just go to the website below: