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Residents hoping for new safety measures on the Evangeline Thruway

Posted at 6:43 PM, Sep 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-21 19:50:24-04

LAFAYETTE — People who work and shop along the Evangeline Thruway say two fatalities could have been prevented Saturday night, if more safety measures were put in place for pedestrians.

Saturday night, Jasmun Ozenne, and a boy were struck and killed by a car while trying to cross the frontage road near "Citi Trends." The boy's identity has not been released. Lafayette police say, Preston Edward, the driver of the car, is facing OWI and vehicular homicide charges.

"That intersection there, they need a ramp or something there so people can get over safely. That would be good if they want to do something positive for the Northside community" Anthony Carmouche said.

Carmouche says he comes to the Northgate Mall often. During his drives, he sees people crossing the thruway.

"Sometimes it just be kids running across you know. You're going to lock up the brakes to avoid it, but whose to say you will avoid it" Carmouche said.

In 2015, former council man Kenneth Boudreaux identified the need for an elevated ramp, he said the amendment was approved.

"It was about connecting the Nothgate mall to the center, which would make it safer but also bring more commerce. It did not go anywhere" Boudreaux said.

He hopes the current administration will follow his former plans.

"As soon as I heard about the ladies incidents, I have gone and done research on some of the work I did, and I'm going to meet with current councilmen and hope somebody will pick up the torch and move forward" Broudreaux said.

A spokesperson with the Lafayette police department confirmed, the mother had two other children with her. They were taken to the hospital for observation, but were not injured.