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Power restored for residents outside of Glenmora only days after hurricane Delta

Scheduled power outage
Posted at 10:46 PM, Oct 12, 2020

GLENMORA — For many in Hurricane Delta's path, storm preparation came amid the recovery from another storm. Delta and Laura dealt a double punch to so many across Louisiana. The two storms were six weeks apart and had an impact on many of the same areas.

People we spoke with in Glenmora, say they were not expecting to see street lights on so soon after hurricane Delta left them without power again.

"We were definitely prepared to be like Laura, we were prepared for weeks, my house is stocked with bottles of water," Brittany Cloud said.

Cloud says she was shocked Monday evening when she was able to turn on her lights.

"Like, holy cow, we have lights" Cloud said.

We first met the Cloud family days after hurricane Laura.They were without electricity and running water for 13 days.

"Once we're without power, we're without water. We do not have city water, we rely on our wells, which rely on electricity," Cloud explained.

Hours before Delta made landfall Cloud says they started preparing, filling as many buckets with water as they could.

"I have large Rubbermaid totes in the backyard that we fill up with the water hose and that's what we flush our toilets with. That's all you can do to prepare for a storm," Cloud said.

Now she worries a swollen Calcasieu River will flood her home.

"Calcasieu River is right here behind my house. It will be closer to my house than ever. It will probably be a record flood," Cloud said.

According to the National Weather Service, the Calcasieu riveris currently at 12 feet, but by Wednesday it will rise to 17 feet.