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Pillars of Acadiana: Anita Levy

Anita Levy
Pillars of Acadiana: Anita Levy
Posted at 5:12 AM, Feb 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-08 08:42:04-05

Honoring her parents, Anita Levy started the Levy Cancer Foundation in 2013.

It is a place that helps others who are struggling to make ends meet while getting cancer treatments.

"I see some of these patients with a lot of bills," Levy said. "It's expensive. $500 isn't a lot but it helps."

Anita Levy

Levy was in born in Abbeville and grew up with a strong mother.

"My mother did a lot of community stuff," Levy said. "That helped me a lot. She was a good role model."

It was her mother's attention to community needs that gave Levy the drive and determination to arrive where she is today.

Heading a foundation, however, was never at the top of Anita's list.

Levy said that being a mother came first and it is something she considers her biggest accomplishment.

"I want them to do the right thing," Levy said of her children. "Just always do the right thing. Put God first and be humble. If you keep God first it goes a long way."

Anita Levy

It was not until she entered her 30s that Levy said she wanted a little more out of life.

Her children were growing up and she felt that she had done a good job with them and wanted to continue to spread her knowledge and her nurturing spirit to others.

"It's humbling. It is. Some of them are in dire need," Levy said of those who apply for help from the foundation. "It makes me feel better when I can help them."

Today, Levy is head of the Levy Foundation, a grandmother, and was recently named one of the "Women Who Mean Business" in 2020.

Anita Levy

"Winning an award is humbling," Levy said. "I've been honored with the Martin Luther King award, twice, and the Bishop's service award...that's an honor. A big honor."

And Levy says her story is far from over.

But her next journey will be left up to God and where he decides to take her.

"I'd like to open a food pantry," Levy said. "We have one, but need another one. The veterans need a lot of help. There is always someone who needs help. It could be the veterans, elderly, homeless...there is always somebody."