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Pet of the Week: Candy Corn

Keeping pets safe during Halloween
Posted at 6:27 AM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 09:02:44-04

Trick-or-treating is just around the corner for many in Acadiana.

If you want to take your four-legged family member along for the treats--there are ways to keep them safe this Halloween.

Ffirst, chocolate can be very toxic to dogs and cats. It is best to put those where your furry friends cannot reach them.

If you dress up your cat or dog for Halloween make sure the costume is a comfortable fit. You do not want to block their vision or choose one that has a bunch of small parts that they can ingest.

Remember, if there is a party going on, not all pets like the sights and sounds of Halloween festivities.

Always have a quiet and safe place for them to go in case they start to feel stressed.

Something that you can have around your home during the holidays is Candy Corn.

Her eyes scream, "take me home!"

She is amazing with all humans, other dogs, and cats.

She is 100% potty trained, lives for a good nap, and has a true gentle giant demeanor.

If you are looking for a young, go with the flow, non-hurricane bothered, low energy, puppy dog eyed, great on leash, and lifelong companion--Candy Corn will make the perfect addition to your family!

Head toacadianaanimalaid.org for adoption information.