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Parents hoping summer school program includes enrichment courses

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Posted at 5:45 PM, Mar 26, 2021

LAFAYETTE — After a year of virtual learning, schools around the nation are changing summer school plans to include more face-to-face classes.

We asked all school districts in Acadiana if they plan to use some of the CARES funding for summer learning.

Lafayette school officials confirm they are planning to expand their summer school program and are hoping to include more courses - not just for students who were failing, but instead children who may need more face-to-face class time before the next school year.

"They're really ready to have a lot of fun time with other people. Like I said, it has been a lot of togetherness for the three of them," Etienna Wright said.

Wright says for the last year a school day for her kids consists of a morning walk and a few breaks. Due to an autoimmune disease her three kids continue to learn through the online academy at home.

"It's meeting a need for sure, but there are deficiencies in the program. Another thing they are missing is peer-to-peer contact, socialization, the relationships they form in school. They have missed out on that over the course of the year," Wright added.

After receiving the vaccination, the mother hopes her kids can attend summer classes, even though they are not academically struggling.

"They've done really well over the course of the last year," said Wright. "I just want to make sure they are ready to start middle and high school."

Lafayette Parish school board members recently voted to increase the pay for teachers during the summer semester in an effort to attract the variety of subjects to be taught.

Plans are still in the works for Lafayette. Officials says details will be released soon.

Other districts gave a similar response.

The superintendents in Iberia and Jeff Davis Parish say they are planning to use some of the CARES Act money for summer programs; however, no plans have been finalized.

Vermilion Parish will be offering credit recovery and enrichment courses on a variety of subjects.