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Parenting: preparing kids for a hurricane

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Posted at 5:57 AM, Aug 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-25 09:28:37-04

Residents across Acadiana continue to prepare for Laura's arrival. While they do that, there are little eyes that watch their every move.

Dr. Lauren Bailey, pediatrician with Lourdes Physician Group, said parents or guardians need to get down to their child's level.

She said it is a good idea to explain what is going on, but try not to scare them.

"If you're calm and they see that you're calm and collected and you have a plan and you're OK they'll be less anxious when the storm occurs," Bailey said.

She added that parents should make them a part of the process. She said that will usually help to ease those fears.

Bailey said, let the kids pack a small bag with their favorite toys, clothes, and books.

She said parents should explain what a hurricane is and what the child may see or should expect. Let them know that the power may go out or there may not be running water at some point. She said this will help the child not to be caught off-guard.

Dr. Bailey said that important documents and medications are also a key component to storm preps.

She said that those items should be placed in a bag, by the front door, in case you have to leave in a hurry.

She added, if children take medications on a regular basis, parents should get in contact with their child's pediatrician to get enough supply for at least four weeks.

"If, for some reason, we're out of power for a few weeks and the pediatricians office is closed; you have those essential medicines already there," Bailey said. "I would have them in a bag next to the folder...that way if something happens and we have to leave quickly you have them right there and they're ready to go."

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