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Parenting: Helping kids transition back into the classroom

Transition into the classroom
Parenting: Preparing kids for another school year
Posted at 4:00 AM, Aug 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-17 05:00:25-04

Stephanie Hebert is a busy mom of three girls.

She shuffles them to school, extracurricular activities--she does it all.

As a child and family therapist, Hebert said she puts into practice what she preaches every day.

"It's hard, these are hard times," Herbert said. "Being a parent and working parent I know understand that it's difficult."

With so many kids starting their first full week back in the classroom, she says the first few days may be difficult for them.

Especially if they have been staying home with mom or dad the entire summer.

"Reassure them that you will always pick them up after school," Hebert suggested. "Assure them that this is something that we do...we all go to school."

While the first day gitters are completely normal. If they continue for weeks and seem to be getting worse....

"Like they really don't want to wake up in the morning or they really don't want to get into the car. They don't want to go to sleep because they're worried about the next day. They're not eating at school...things that are outside of the norm."

She said that is when it is time to intervene.

"If you find that your child is struggling to the point where the teacher is trying their best, the school counselors has been made part of the team---reaching out to a child therapist or play therapist could be helpful, too," Hebert said. "If you're noticing, after a few months, that your child is still struggling."

While change is never easy, it is necessary for growth, and it is something Hebert said can help a child thrive.

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