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Outreach Center continues offering services during Covid-19 pandemic

Outreach Center
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Posted at 5:20 AM, Dec 22, 2020

The Outreach Center in Lafayette continues to offers services despite Covid-19.

Heidi Paterson said there is a 200 percent increase in homelessness due to the virus and back to back hurricanes.

Paterson said they have been able to continue helping those in need because they are mobile.

"We're one of the few organizations in Acadiana that has been able to continue these services," Paterson said. "I think it's incredibly important that we receive support from our community to service as many people as possible."

Homelessness does not just affect adults, Paterson said children deal with it as well.

Currently, she said they have 56 children in Acadiana who utilize their services.

"A lot of families lives paycheck to paycheck," Paterson explained. "Something as simple as an illness or being laid off can lead people into the situation of being homeless. I really hope that people will, in the spirit of giving this Christmas, remember that there are some wonderful families and children in Acadiana that need our help."

For more information on the Outreach Center and how to help go to www.outreachcenterlafayette.org.