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New gun law takes effect, but safety rules don't change

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Posted at 7:18 AM, Jul 04, 2024

A new law will come into effect on July Fourth, making it easier to carry a gun in Louisiana.

Under the new law, which you can read by scrolling down, 18 is the new legal age to carry a concealed weapon, and no permits are required to do so.

Louisiana natives have outdoor activities that involve a firearm, so for some, it won’t be the first time they would be in possession of a gun, said Corey Levier. Levier is a seasoned veteran who trains people on proper use of a weapon, knows the safety tips are a must at this time.
“Their first instinct is to put their finger on the trigger," said Levier. "What you are supposed to do is keep your hand straight and don’t touch the trigger."

Although Louisiana will see new changes on the holiday, the laws will stay the same.

“July 4 a lot of things are going to change," said Levier. But the rules for safe and proper use of a weapon don't change, he said, adding that "I encourage everyone to learn the laws of carrying a weapon.”

According to everystat.org in an average year, 990 people die by guns and 4,397 are wounded in the state, meaning Louisiana currently has the highest rate of gun violence in the US.

So, this law did leave some residents with questions.

“My initial thought was will this make Louisiana a safe state or in a dangerous state," said Levier. "I do know that teaching gun safety can help keep people safe.”

Here's the law: