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Mannequin kidnapped from Nightmare on Rena Drive

Posted at 10:02 PM, Aug 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-03 23:02:39-04

LAFAYETTE — For many families August means preparing for back to school, but for one Lafayette couple it's about preparing for Halloween. Cannon Dickerson has been living on Rena Drive for years, right next to him a couple decorates their yard as much as possible for Halloween.

"He really embodies the spirit, I think it's awesome." Dickerson said.

The Nightmare on Rena Drivehas already begun. In Paul and Cecilia Webb's yard, the Halloween decor is already making a debut. A sign with a countdown until Halloween can be seen from the street, along with a cart of mannequins.

"Last year was the first year he put mannequins out with a cart and the countdown." Cecilia Webb said.

As Halloween gets closer, the decorations get bigger.

"As the countdown goes on, Paul will decorates a female mannequin, he puts wigs on her, a scary mask on her, just continuing to decorate her as the countdown continues."

However this year is off to a darkening start. Their female mannequin, also the only one with a head, has disappeared.

"I knew right away when I drove up. Because she was such a prominent piece." Paul and Cecilia Webb said, "Our no name mannequin is now gone, I hope whoever has her is taking care of her."

This isn't the first time the couple has seen Decorations go missing.

"A few years back we probably had a thousand dollars worth of decorations stolen." Paul said.

The Halloween enthusiast say the mannequin isn't worth enough for a police report, but they will be adding cameras soon.

"I hope it haunts you tonight" Paul added.

The couple isn't let the theft kill their spirit.

"We'll give her a grave in our graveyard, It'll be all good." Paul said.