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LUS crews follow Dorian as it continues to move

Posted at 5:07 PM, Sep 04, 2019

As hurricane Dorian continues to threaten the east coast, crews from Acadiana are helping out.

Acadian Ambulance and LUS have crews on standby to assist in the aftermath of the storm. Sixteen LUS crew members left with at least twelve vehicles on Sunday. As crews were on their way east, the destination quickly changed.

"Then Tallahassee calls, and says the way Dorian is tracking, we don't need you, but Gainesville does," Interim Director Jeffrey Stewart said.

As Dorian continues to move, so does the LUS crew.

"Our crews were released today by Gainesville, so then a utility group in North Carolina called, so now were heading North, anticipating where it will get the hardest, just ready to help restore power," Stewart said.

Stewart says after the help that came for Barry, he is proud to send his people.

"We've been through enough hurricanes to know sometimes its hectic, some times its chaotic, and we want to get to everybody as quick as possible to restore power. We need all the help we can get, so anytime that we can repay the favor, provide as much help as we can, its a good feeling."

Stewart says his crews may be in North Carolina for the next two weeks. Other crews on stand by for help include Acadian Ambulance currently stationed in Ft. Myers, Florida.