Lake Charles residents relying on faith as they continue to rebuild

Lake Charles residents discuss Hurricane Season
Posted at 3:30 AM, Jun 03, 2021

It has been almost a year since we first sat down with Kristen Harrell. She and her family were staying in their camper at a campground in Scott following Hurricane Laura.

Harrell and her dad would pack up and head to Lake Charles, clear debris, salvage what they could, and board up the parts of their homes damaged during the storm.

"They now live in their driveway, in the camper," Harrell said. "They have workers at their house and have fought with insurance for six months. Finally, they just started the work even though they didn't have all the money; it's been tough. Next month is their 50th wedding anniversary and they want to have it at their house. Don't know. Here's hoping."

Today, Harrell is back in her home, but the damage from Laura and later Delta is still evident.

"I'm hoping, this month, to start refinishing the floors, siding, and new roof, in case another storm actually comes."

As a new hurricane season get underway there is a bit of uncertainty that comes along with it.

But Harrell said a little faith will always get you though.

"I just hope that, I don't think this will sink us. I don't want this to be our 1901 storm of Galveston. I don't want it to be that. I really pray this is-- give us a year and we can bounce back."

Not far down the road is Bryan Bergeron. He and his family own Pronia's Deli and Bakery on Kirkman and he echoes Harrell's words of faith and hope.

"Without the good lord none of this would have happened," Bergeron said as he motioned to the work that is being done. "Storms come and go; it's been that way since creation. It's what you do with it...our faith has so much to do with that. God is in control whether we admit it or not. God is in control, and if we let him work in us and through us then we will get through this. Things will work out for the better."

With so much left to do and hurricane season underway, Bergeron has a smile. He said, no matter how bad the last year and half has been, there is always something positive around the corner.

Sometimes it just takes a little longer to see.