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Two arrested in Father's Day murder

Two arrested in Father's Day murder
Posted at 6:31 PM, Jul 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-07 23:54:25-04

Two people are now facing charges in connection with a fatal shooting that happened on Father's Day in Opelousas.

This morning, police arrested Kendall Singleton and Mary Savoie. Each is facing one count of second degree murder and two counts of attempted second degree murder.

The Boxie family hugged the Chief and investigators after Opelousas Police arrested a man and woman in the Father's Day murder of Stanley Boxie.

Chief Martin McLendon says this is the fourth murder in the city of Opelousas this year and one of the most grueling cases he's investigated.

"We have taken on the pain of this family and we've taken on the struggles of this family," McLendon said. "That's why these investigators work so hard."

McLendon says Boxie and suspects Boxie and suspect Kendall Singleton were both dating Mary Savoie who is also facing charges.

"We believe they caught him by surprise and that's how he was able to be murdered," McLendon said.

Investigators believe a semi-automatic riffle was used when Boxie was gunned down in his driveway.

Opelousas Mayor Julius Alsandor said the public played a major role in solving this case. He says it's important the community keeps speaking out against crime.

"Hopefully with that type of communication and working together, we will become a better community and more importantly a better city," Alsandor said.

Chief McLendon says with these arrests, it's the first step in the healing process and justice for the Boxie family.