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Gun store owners say ammunition shortage continues amid pandemic

Posted at 10:19 PM, Jan 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-26 23:29:56-05

LAFAYETTE — Gun owners across the nation, including here in Acadiana, are reporting a problem getting ammunition.

"I used to get one or two pallets every two weeks, now I get half of one a month," Caleb Morse, owner of The Rustic Renegade,said.

While The Rustic Renegade is not technically a gun store, Morse has been selling ammo and firearms for the last two years. He says the ammunition shortage began with the pandemic.

"The reason behind that is the materials to produce them just aren't here in the United States," explained Morse. "The majority of the lead mines are in China. When COVID originally happened, they were the first ones to shut down."

More people could also be in the market. According to the FBI, there were 430,537 background checks for gun sales in Louisiana in 2020. That's up from 282,264 the year before.

We asked Facebook users to share their recent experiences. Some said when they find ammo, it's much more expensive.

"I was selling one box of 9 mm ammunition, target ammunition, I was selling [for around] 13 dollars, now I sell it around 35 dollars," added Morse.

As a way to allow gun owners to practice while saving their bullets, they're now opening a virtual shooting range.

"To me that's what is the most important, practice and training, that way we have a proper understanding what we're doing. That way we can utilize that, and not spend a round of ammunition," Morse said.

Morse isn't alone.

The Post Exchange in Youngsville recently opened a similar range inside their store. Watch the full video here.

Much like a Top Golf Swing Suite, people will be able to shoot at targets with a laser gun. Or, with a kit that Morse plans to sell, their own gun.

To find out more about the firearms training simulators,click here.