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Great horned owl returned to wild after Barry left it injured

Owl returns home after rehab for head trauma
Posted at 7:22 PM, Jul 21, 2019

BREAUX BRIDGE — Collins Taylor was picking up debris around his Breaux Bridge home when he found an owl after Barry hit.

"The morning after the storm, I noticed this owl struggling to fly. I left it alone, thinking he was eating, but hours later he was still there."

He then posted the owl's picture on social media. Taylor was then advised to contact Letitia Labbie with Acadiana Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation, Inc.

Labbie was able to care for the owl, which turned out to be suffering from head trauma due to Barry.

After days of hand feeding the owl, Labbie says he started flying around her 50 foot flight cage, that's when she knew it was time.

Earlier today Labbie took the owl, named Cupid by Taylor, back to the place they found him. Once outside of the cage, Cupid took off across the bayou.

Taylor says he is happy to see the owl doing better.

"I didn't want to know he would be sleeping outside where a coyote or something could get hold of him. I'm the type of person who moves frogs when I mow. So anything that survives, good deal. " Taylor said.

Labbie says it's important for birds such as 'Cupid' to be back in the wild, not in captivity. Here's our story from last week about Labbie.

You can see video of 'Cupid's' release at 10 pm.