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Golf Cart Santa rolls into year six of spreading Christmas cheer

Golf Cart Santa 2020
Posted at 4:17 AM, Dec 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-08 10:00:34-05

For six years Mark Gallagher and his wife Christianna have taken on the roles of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, bringing joy to everyone they meet while on a makeshift sleigh.

"It definitely bring the magic of Christmas and makes you forget about the craziness of 2020," Kim Fontenot said.

"It is an exceptional this year," Corlette Fezzia said. "They're getting larger and larger. I love the group that is with them."

While the "man in red" is the main attraction, he is not the only one that brings on the Christmas cheer.

Families of Elves surround the sleigh, dance to the music, and bring a smile to all they meet along the way.

"It is the most joyful, amazing, and meaningful thing that we do most of the year," Marc Bourgeois said.

Bourgeois and his family joined the fun last year. They said the cannot imagine a December without Golf Cart Santa.

"Just from our experience last year, it was so incredible that we look forward to doing this all year," Bourgeois said.

This year, though, there will not be pictures with Santa or children crowding the sleigh.

Instead, Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their elves will do their part to keep everyone safe by wearing masks and staying six feet away.

"We've added another golf cart this year," Mark Gallagher said. "We're staying on, the elves are walking along with us. We still have a lot of music, joy, energy, and having a lot of fun with it."

The Gallagher family stared this project six years ago to make sure the magic of the season did not pass them by.

Today, they have managed to turn it into a family tradition for scores of others who wait every year for the golf cart to come rolling through their neighborhood.