GMA Pet of the Week: Paddy Cake

Paddy Cake
GMA Pet of the Week: Paddy Cake
Posted at 3:03 AM, Jul 21, 2021

Paddy Cake is crossing his paws and closing his eyes, will you help make his dreams come true?

Born with a heart defect, Paddy Cake is hoping to find his fur-ever home with a family who can embrace his special heart.

The newest member of Acadiana Animal Aid's Puppy Dog Heart Club, Paddy Cake's appointment with the cardiologist is scheduled soon. Ultimately, according to AAA, what this good boy needs is an adopter.

GMA Pet of the Week: Paddy Cake

While Paddy Cake's official diagnosis isn't exact, they suspect he’ll be in a similar position as his friends and founding members of the Puppy Dog Heart Club, Dallan and Artie.

One thing is for sure, like his friends, AAA says Paddy Cake will bring endless love to family that chooses him.

If interested in making Paddy Cake's wish come true, visit and submit your adoption application.

The team at Acadiana Animal Aid will be able to discuss any details, answer questions, and provide any support needed if you think you could help grant this puppy's wish!

Protecting pets from the summer heat

As the Summer months continue, so does the heat.

If we're taking our pets along with us for walks and car rides, we need to remember that they are just as vulnerable to the heat.

Veterinarians say it's important to make sure your dog stays cool because they are at a higher risk of a heat stroke which can be deadly.

Something else to consider when you're taking them on their daily walks is hot paws.

Experts say a sign that your dog is suffering is repeated lifting of one or more paws or agitated pacing.

One way to test if the pavement is too hot is by placing your hand on it first.

Leave it there for seven seconds. If it's too hot for you, then it's too hot for your pet.