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Glow in the Cro attracts pilots from all over the country

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Posted at 9:59 PM, Aug 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-31 13:51:01-04

CARENCRO — Night one of Glow in the Cro has wrapped up. Glow in the Cro, the hot air balloon festival in Carencro is happening this weekend.

Although this is the first hot air balloon festival for Acadiana, for many of the pilots it is not. This festival has brought in pilots from all over the country.

"I've been flying balloons since 197," Joel Sturdevant said.

Sturdevant says he started flying hot air balloons right out of high school.

"I was watching baloons fly, so I was intrigued by it, then I took my first flight, and I have been flying ever since," said Sturdevant.

The pilot drove 746 miles to get to Carencro. He currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri. He says he travels all over the country every weekend to fly.

"I get to share what I think is the most unique experiences with people like you, who have never been before and that's what keeps my drive," said Sturdevant.

Just across the field is Wayne Standefer from Italy, Texas. He says flying hot air balloons is about the beauty of the flight, but there's also an adrenaline rush that comes along with it.

"In a balloon there's something always happening. You have to watch out for power lines, houses, trees, cars if you happen to land in the street," Standefer said.

He says he was a commercial airline pilot when he began the hobby.

Tonight the balloons were just glowing and they will do the same tomorrow night. If you want to see them in the air, you'll have to get up early in the morning.

They will take off tomorrow and Sunday morning at 6:30.