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Getting Answers: Why baseball fields in Brown Memorial Park were not ready

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Posted at 10:01 PM, Apr 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-26 23:11:08-04

LAFAYETTE — Little League coaches at Brown Park want answers from LCG after they say their baseball fields are not​ practice or game ready.

Brown Park Gators Coach Lambert Phillips tells KATC he was shocked when he arrived for practice on Monday. He and others feel neglected by officials.

"All of these bases over here, none of the fields are the way they're supposed to be" Phillips said.

Rubble from a construction project is piled up on one field, lines are not painted onto the grass in other fields, and grass is overgrown.

"We're supposed to have a game, starting tomorrow. Once again, you can't see it on this field, but it's nothing but dirt. It's not fixed. the bases are not in place. it is not in game mode" Phillips explained.

According to Hollis Conway, the acting Director of Parks and Recreation, the weather caused delays for the season.

"We can do more damage bringing heavy equipment in here to cut the grass. We want to preserve these beautiful fields. These kids deserve every opportunity to play and have success. We will be out here all week to clean and make things tidy" Conway said.

For now, the teams will continue to practice.

"You don't hear no angry crying, and mad, even though we are. We're sticking together. We just want to be treated equally, that's it" Phillips said.

Conway did not comment on the construction taking place in the park, but says opening day is next week and the park will be ready.