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Fans Wear Red as they say goodbye to Coach Robichaux

Fans say good bye to Coach Robichaux
Posted at 7:04 PM, Jul 08, 2019

Those who lined Coach Tony Robichaux's funeral procession wore red and some made posters thanking him for his service.

The Lafayette Fire Department draped the American flag over Cajundome Boulevard. Many people placing their UL hats over their heart as Coach made his final pass.

"He was a better individual than he was baseball coach. That's what he wants to be remembered by. He taught these kids how to be men as well as how to play baseball," said Michael Revere.

Those we talked to hardly touched on Robe's accomplishments as a baseball coach, but focused on his character and how he shaped so many lives.

"It's a sad day for Acadiana, it's a sad day for the University and we lost a great Coach," said Russ Courville. "We lost a great person and how fitting is it that they displayed the huge American flag. That was Tony Robichaux...he was all about God and country."

Some fans made posters thanking Robe for 25 years as coach.

"He was baseball at the University. He will be sadly missed not only by us, but by baseball fans across the country," Courville said.

Revere said, "The University will find someone who can coach, but I don't think they'll ever find someone with the caliber of Coach Robe."