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Evangeline Parish School District offers rapid COVID-19 tests to students, staff

Evangeline Parish School District offers rapid COVID-19 tests to students, staff
Posted at 7:55 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 23:35:06-05

EVANGELINE PARISH — Students in Evangeline Parish are now able to get tested for Covid-19 right at school. It's a rapid test that shows results within minutes. Provided by the federal government, school districts across the nation are receiving those kits.

Thousands of the kits are now available in the Evangeline Parish school district.

"They're 97 percent specific and 98 percent sensitive," Dr. Chuck Aswell with the Evangeline Parish Medical Advisory Board said.

The Abbott BinaxNOW test doesn't need a lab to get results. A nasal swab is taken and placed in a card that will show results in 15 minutes.

The test is similar to a pregnancy test. One line while show up for a negative result. Two lines means the person tested positive for Covid-19.

Dr. Aswell, is helping the district with the tests. He says students who have symptoms will get tested by the school nurse.

"It's very simple to excute the test,"Dr. Aswell said. "It measures the antibody and antigen reaction. If there is antibody or antigen there it makes the 2nd line."

The tests are free and meant to help keep schools open.

"There's a lot of poverty in Evangeline Parish, as is in many places in Louisiana ,"Superintendent Darwan Lazard said. "For us to provide this kind of access to health care for our students and their family is very important."

The tests are for students and faculty who are showing symptoms. Anyone who tests positive is required to quarantine and follow up with their doctor.

"If they test negative and have symptoms, they may not be quite positive at this time," Dr. Aswell said. "we suggest they go to get a PCR test, which is a definitive test for diagnosis. "