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Downtown Core Overlay District Ordinance now in effect for the city of Scott

Posted at 5:33 PM, Mar 03, 2020

You might soon see changes in the City of Scott. The Scott Downtown Core Overlay District is now in effect, and city leaders are hoping it will help develop a downtown region.

Anthony Hebert is proud to do business in Scott. His business, Uncle T's Oyster House, is housed in a building that's been a fixture in Scott for years.

"It was built in the 50s. It was originally a post office, dry cleaner, and a washateria," Hebert said.

With the updated zoning district, city leaders are hoping stories like Hebert's will be more common.

"I think what we would like to see, is people take these older homes and convert them into e-commerce and create tax from them, and create a more walk-able community," Mayor Jan-Scott Richard said.

Richard says the goal is to see businesses develop in the core of the city.


"There's going to be some major design standards that will have to occur. Screenings, signage, roads, protecting the actual historic side of business," Richard added.

All to encourage growth in business and residential areas.

"I think if we can get it to feel more like a downtown," Hebert explained. "People will come visit our downtown area more on the weekends."

To see the new ordinance, click here.