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37th Annual Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival celebrates Creole culture

Posted at 7:48 PM, Aug 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-01 00:28:46-04

The Zydeco Music Festival is underwayat the Yambilee building in Opelousas.

What started as a way to teach children and to preserve the Creole culture in 1982 has come a long way. The first Zydeco Music Festival was held in a field.

"We used to say we were the Woodstock of Zydeco in that bean field in Plaisance," Lena Charles, director of the festival, said.

37 years later, people from all over are coming to hear the music and dance in celebration of the culture.

2009 King of Zydeco, Jake Davis said, "Zydeco is something like the blues, but Zydeco tells a story about our past. About the things we went through, our happiness, and our sadness, that's our Zydeco music."

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They say dancing to Zydeco is easy, but first you must watch to learn. Charles said the Creole culture is connected to the land.

"The waving of the legs, and movement of the arms, is like snap beans they said," Charles added.

Now favored by many, Zydeco is played at many festivals here in Louisiana, but according to Charles, Opelousas is the place to be.

"If you want to see the original, if you want to feel the culture, the 37th annual festival is the way to go."

The music will continue playing until midnight.

WATCH LIVE AT 10 pm, as Katie Easter learns to dance to Zydeco.