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Home Depot is selling a 12-foot skeleton for Halloween

Home Depot Is Selling A 12-Foot Skeleton For Halloween
Posted at 7:12 AM, Aug 09, 2020

After already selling out once this year (and it’s only July!), Home Depot’s beloved 12-foot-tall skeleton is officially back in stock!

A skeleton that’s 5 feet taller than Shaquille O’Neal is probably best used outside, but if you have high ceilings, and don’t scare easily in the middle of the night, you could even set it up inside your house. It’s powered by four batteries, which make it light up and make its LCD eyes move and blink.

The Home Depot

It will have to be put together and The Home Depot says it will take two people an hour to do it, so make sure you set some time aside. It also comes with a timer so you can make sure it is only activated for certain hours of the day. You can order it from The Home Depot for $299.

The giant skeleton sold out almost immediately in 2020 and again in 2021, so although it’s back right now, if it’s been on your list of must-have decorations, you’ll want to order it as soon as possible. There is a limit of one per order, with the skeletons shipping between Sept. 27-Oct. 4, so you’ll have it in plenty of time for Halloween.

The Home Depot

If you miss out on the 12-foot-skeleton, Home Depot also has a 12-foot Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton, which is pretty similar to the other skeleton, but has a pumpkin head. Priced at $379, the pumpkin head skeleton’s eyes, mouth and chest glow thanks to LCD lights. It also has posable arms and includes ground stakes so you can hold it securely in place on your lawn.

The giant skeletons joins dozens of other over-the-top Halloween decorations at The Home Depot, including a a 5-foot-1-inch pumpkin scarecrow for $70 to a 5-foot-8-inch Day Of The Dead Animatronic Skeleton Bride for $90 and a 7-foot, 4 inch animated witch for $100.

Home Depot

If you’re not seeing the perfect giant decoration for you at Home Depot, Lowe’s is selling a 12-foot animated mummy. The mummy is draped in distressed and discolored fabric and has posable arms. It has a motion-activated on/off timer and light and volume controls and will stay on for six hours and turn off for 18. You can also choose between four LED color options: red, green, blue or classic warm white.

Priced at $348, it moves and makes moaning sounds to give your guests a Halloween scare. The mummy will be in stock this month on Lowe’s website and in stores by mid-August. If you find it’s not available, you can sign up with your email address and Lowe’s will notify you when it’s back.


Will you be decorating your yard with some over-sized decorations this Halloween?

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