Heart of Hospice helps bring smiles to elderly in Acadiana

Posted at 8:00 AM, Mar 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-23 09:16:44-04

In the midst of all of the Coronavirus news that scroll across our screens everyday, there are some Amazing Kids in Acadiana that are trying to bring some light to those who are feeling the brunt of this social distancing.

It does not take much to make someone smile.

Kids in Acadiana have proved that, be taking pens to paper, they can bring a little cheer to the elderly.

"Why do you think you're doing this?"

"Because we want to," Lana answered.

"Nobody is over there with them," William Daniel said. "I'm drawing leprechauns with rainbows."

For some it is about using colors that brighten their day.

For others it is using their imagination and creating anything that comes to mind.

"I imagine stuff and I draw it on the paper," John-Joseph Menard said. "I don't know what it is, but it's two super heroes that have a lizard tongue and hamburger."

Whatever it is that they draw on that piece of paper--it will lift someone's spirits in the face of uncertainty.

"I think the feedback that we've gotten from the nursing homes has been great," Ashley Brinkhaus, director of business development for Heart of Hospice, said. "They are really excited. They're doing so many wonderful things to get these residents some type of communication from people in the community. They've been really grateful and gracious that we are working with them in trying to get these residents some type of communications from the outside world while they're stuck in there during this time."

Brinkhaus said they saw other places around the United States doing this very thing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

They thought it was something nice they could do for Acadiana and hope those who receive the cards appreciate the gesture.