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Guide to Elections: Voting Law Changes Since 2022

Voting Guide
Posted at 3:26 PM, Oct 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-24 16:27:10-04

Changes in Voting Laws since 2020

Louisiana has created a wide variety of election laws ranging from early voting to voting technology to election security.

HB 286 revised the period for conducting early voting from 18 days to seven days prior to a presidential election.

HB 378 provides that a person with a felony conviction can register and vote if the person has not been incarcerated within the last five years and was not convicted of a felony offense of election fraud or any other election offense. It removes the requirement of submission of documentation to the registrar of voters.

HB 388 allows the preparation and verification process for absentee and mail ballots to begin three days before the election.

SB 64 clarifies the legislative intent of the state’s electioneering prohibition is to preserve the integrity of the election process, and to protect the right of citizens to vote freely for the candidates of their choice.

SB 221 requires the secretary of state to promulgate rules as to reasonable certification standards pertaining to voting systems. It also creates the Voting System Commission and the Voting System Proposal Evaluation Committee

Louisiana SB 144 establishes the manner, location and time periods for hand delivery of absentee ballots by a voter or voter’s agent.

Louisiana HB 1074 requires the secretary of state to create uniform and standardized processes for the review and curing or rejection of deficient absentee/mail ballots by the parish board of election supervisors

Louisiana HB 186 adds language prohibiting a candidate from distributing digital material containing any statement reasonably known as a false statement about another candidate in the election.

Louisiana HB 671 requires the submission of a voting system test certificate to the parish board of supervisors.

Louisiana SB 74 clarifies that those who require assistance voting may serve as a poll watcher.

Louisiana HB 924 requires the adoption and implementation of uniform policies and procedures for a post-election audit.

Louisiana HB 1082 requires reporting of election procedures from the secretary of state to the legislature during a declared emergency.