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French immersion classes take field trip to Festival International

Posted at 7:52 PM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 20:59:28-04

If you have children with you at Festival International, Scène des Jeunes is a great place to visit.

It will be open this weekend from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Cathedral Carmel School.

New this year, they can learn how to run a booth at Festival with the new Petit Marché, which will be open from noon to 3 p.m.

Earlier on Friday, several schools used Festival as their outdoor classroom, including a French immersion class from North Lewis Elementary School in New Iberia.

They were among the hundreds of people who packed Parc International to listen to the Russian band the Flying Balalaika Brothers.

“Since we’re a cultural school, we get to experience more culture out here,” said French immersion teacher Taylor Deville.

She says it’s important to expose students to different cultures and languages. Before today’s field trip, students studied world cultures and expression.

“We reviewed that and listened to different music and how different cultures are expressed through different dresses, clothing types and music,” said Deville.

One mother is happy her child gets to attend Festival International as part of the curriculum.

“Hands on is really important with learning, and a lot of kids can’t go to other countries. It’s really nice to have the countries come to us,” said Brittany Lebouef.

Her son, Jack Lebouef, is a first grader. He says he learned some French before the field trip, but as for any other cultural lessons, Jack says, “I…I…think I forgot.”

That’s okay, Jack. I think you’ll get a refresher today.

Deville says when the students return back to school, they’ll discuss the different music and pinpoint where the bands were from.

“It’s really important that we as Louisianians, Acadiens and Americans understand and appreciate different cultures because that will also allow us to appreciate other people in the world,” said Deville.