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Vanilla Frosty returns to Wendy’s menu

Vanilla Frosty returns to Wendy’s menu
Posted at 1:30 PM, Jan 27, 2023

Following a brief break last year, Wendy’s has officially brought the vanilla Frosty back to menus nationwide.

The vanilla Frosty will join the always popular chocolate Frosty. Made with the same creamy texture as the chocolate Frosty, the vanilla Frosty is for those that aren’t fans of chocolate or don’t want chocolate in their Frosty-Cino coffee in the morning. You can also order a Frosty that combines both the vanilla and chocolate for a different take on the dessert.

Wendy’s has not said if we can expect the vanilla Frosty to be on menus permanently or if it will disappear again, so if you’ve been missing it, you may want to grab one soon just in case it doesn’t stick around.


While it is good news for vanilla Frosty fans, it’s sad news for those that have been enjoying the peppermint Frosty that launched in November 2022.

A Wendy’s spokesperson has confirmed to Simplemost the vanilla Frosty has replaced it’s peppermint-flavored counterpoint, which itself replaced another season flavor.

The peppermint Frosty replaced strawberry, which launched in June and was the initial reason vanilla was taken off the menu. Wendy’s hasn’t said if the strawberry flavor will return this summer or if we can expect to see peppermint back for the holidays, but if they don’t launch any other flavors in the meantime, vanilla may be here for a few months at least.

Wendy's peppermint Frosty

If all of these flavors have your head spinning, just know the chocolate Frosty is likely not going anywhere.

The dessert has been on the menu since the restaurant began in 1969 and was actually one of five original menu items, along with hamburgers, chili, French fries and soft drinks. Back then, a Frosty cost just 35 cents!

More than 50 years later, Wendy’s says they sell more than 300 million Frosty’s in a typical year. Which Frosty flavor do you like best?

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