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A Fabric Shaver Can Give Your Clothes A New Lease On Life

A Fabric Shaver Can Give Your Clothes A New Lease On Life
Posted at 8:40 AM, Apr 26, 2022

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Fabric pilling is a result of the regular wear and tear that happens with an item of clothing. The tiny fibers on the surface of cloth can loosen, break and tangle into small round clumps. Pilling is often caused by friction, such as body parts rubbing against clothing. It is common in fabric blends, when one fiber is stronger than another and causes the weaker one to loosen up, and can be increased in the washer, because the lint balls attract more loose threads.

Pills and fuzz can make even your nicest clothing, bedding or household fabrics look old, frumpy and cheap. Fortunately, an excellent fabric shaver can quickly remove pilling without damaging the material, giving these items a new lease on life.

The Bymore Fabric Shaver calls itself an upgraded lint remover, and it seems many shoppers agree. Its large, 65-millimeter shaver head has a stainless-steel honeycomb mesh designed with three different loop sizes. This enables it to capture particulate lint, fine particle pills and heavier fuzz.

Inside are six razor-sharp, stainless-steel blades designed to shave away pills and fuzz quickly. But you don’t have to worry about slicing your fingers. Any time you remove the cover, or even if it is loosened, the shaver stops running automatically.


A powerful suctioning system prevents the blades from becoming clogged or jammed. The fabric shaver features a flexible 180-degree rotatable comfort grip handle so you can hold it in either hand. And its 160-milliliter large-capacity container allows you to shave multiple clothing items before you have to stop and empty it. When you are ready to dump the contents, press the side of the container to release it from the shaver.

You can use the fabric shaver while it is plugged in. Or, once it has charged for about two hours, you can use it wirelessly for approximately 60 minutes before it requires charging again. Three indicator lights on the device let you know if it is fully charged, functioning or charging.

The brand recommends using it on a flat surface and making sure the fabric is not wrinkled to prevent damage. Don’t use too much pressure to avoid crushing or damaging clothing and empty the canister when it is about 70 percent full for best results.

More than 5,900 reviewers on Amazon have weighed in on this fabric shaver, giving the device a rating of 4.5 out of 5 possible stars.


Customers are impressed with the power of the handheld fabric shaver.

“The power on this is amazing,” wrote a reviewer named Ronny Acosta. “In one sitting, I was able to remove fuzzies from over 10 sweaters and it was ready to remove more.”

Other shoppers love the versatility it offers.

“This device is a household miracle,” reviewer Keigh Ell shared. “I can finally clean my couch cushions from lint pills, fix the underarms of many shirts, waistlines that use belts, sweat and yoga pants (the chafing; you know what I mean 😉 ) old lampshades and so much more.”

This fabric shaver is available in black or gray. It includes two replaceable spare blades, a lint brush, a USB charging cable and an instruction manual. You can get it on Amazon for about $27, but it’s on sale for $22.94 right now.

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