Eunice City Marshal's Office increasing security at football games

Posted at 6:19 PM, Oct 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-18 19:56:26-04

The Eunice City Marshal's Office is amping up security after a shooting last week at a high school football game in Rayne.

The game had ended, and deputies with the marshal's office were escorting Eunice High's football team home when shots were fired.

"I could actually see the muzzle flash from the weapons. There were two guns going off at the same time," said Eunice City Marshal Terry Darbonne. "You could tell they were shooting across the roadway."

The marshal described the scene as chaotic.

"There were a lot of kids crying, calling home," recalled Darbonne. "We were really concerned because they were calling parents to let them know there was a shooting."

No one who attended the football game was injured, but the marshal's office is now taking extra precautions as Eunice High and St. Edmund both prepare for games at home.

There will be officers scattered throughout the stadium: in the bleachers and at every entrance.

"We get here early. We check restrooms. We check backpacks around. We check anything that's out of the ordinary," said Darbonne. "We do a sweep of the field before the players even actually come out here."

All belongings are checked at the gate, so the marshal encourages fans to leave the purses and backpacks at home and bring a clear bag.

According to Darbonne, those who attend any outdoor games should always look for the exit in the case of an emergency.

"Look for something that is solid. Look at something you can hide behind. So, always be thinking ahead: If something happens, what should I do?

The marshal also suggests having a plan.

"Just remember those three keys words, which is 'run,' 'hide' and 'fight,' and you will not lose."

However, Darbonne wants fans to continue coming out to the games.

"We're asking people not to let the fear of what happened last week to keep you from watching high school football."