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Dairy Queen has announced their new fall Blizzards

Dairy Queen Has Announced Their New Fall Blizzards
Posted at 9:55 AM, Sep 02, 2020

Not like you need convincing that Dairy Queen’s sweets should be enjoyed beyond summer, but in case you need a reminder, the dessert chain has announced its lineup of fall Blizzards, which include classic favorites and some new treats.

There are three new Blizzards on the menu, including Reese’s Pieces Cookie Dough, Sea Salt Toffee Fudge and Pecan Pie. The new Reese’s Pieces Blizzard is for peanut butter lovers, as it combines Reese’s Pieces, chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter, while the Sea Salt Toffee Fudge Blizzard blends fudge pieces, salted toffee and caramel.

For those who prefer pecan pie to any other fall dessert, the Pecan Pie Blizzard blends pecans, brown sugar and caramel, all mixed with vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

Dairy Queen

Returning treats include the Pumpkin Cookie Butter Shake, beloved Pumpkin Pie Blizzard, plus Oreo Mocha Fudge, Choco Dipped Strawberry and Royal Ultimate Choco Brownie, which includes brownies, chocolate chunks and fudge and blended with vanilla soft-serve.

DQ is also giving away free sweater vests that feature a special pocket for carrying around a Blizzard, but there is a limited quantity and you will have to be quick if you want to wear one this fall. Just head to the DQ website on Sept. 15 at 9 a.m. EST for your chance at grabbing one.

Dairy Queen isn’t the only ice cream brand to turn a classic fall dessert into an ice cream flavor. Baskin Robbins has just added Inside Out Apple Pie to its menu as the September flavor of the month. The treat swirls together vanilla-flavored ice cream and apple ice cream that’s then mixed with pieces of apple and pie crust and finished with a ribbon of cinnamon brown sugar.

Baskin Robbins

You can also find a variety of pumpkin-flavored goodies on the market this autumn, like pumpkin pie ice cream from Edy’s, pumpkin spice Milano cookies, Thomas’s pumpkin spice English muffins and bagels and even beer, like Samuel Adams’s Jack-O and a variety of pumpkin flavors from Elysian Brewing.

For a non-dairy sweets option, Oui by Yoplait has a new dairy-free pumpkin caramel yogurt flavor, which sounds perfect for a quick breakfast on a crisp, fall morning.


What is your favorite fall flavor?

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