Concerned residents say duck was attacked and killed in River Ranch pond

Posted at 6:20 PM, Oct 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-02 23:44:25-04

A duck found dead in a River Ranch pond is sparking an investigation into who's responsible for the killing. The River Ranch Home Owners Association believes someone harmed the animal and not for a sport.

The pond is a relaxing area for many nearby. However, there's fear someone is taking aim at the animals in the picturesque community. "You can tell he took a beating," Bret Vidrine said.

Vidrine is referring to one of the ducks, he named Pete. He says he found Pete dead and floating in the pond with several limes near his body. He believes someone initially threw them to harm and kill the animal. "You never know someone can maybe help us figure it out and stop it from happening again," Vidrine said.

He works near the pond and says Pete would always follow him around.

"I've seen those ducks since they were hatchlings and that's what's nice," Vidrine said. "They come to us because they trust us. People take care of them and it sucks someone would abuse that."

Vidrine also wants this to be a warning for anyone who thinks it's okay to hurt animals.

"Save the next animal. What if it is worst case scenario and someone is out here just doing it to be cruel," Vidrine said. "We need to stop them."

You're asked to contact the River Ranch Home Owners Association if you know anything.

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