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What’s your story: A spiritual journey in New Iberia

Posted at 10:30 PM, Jun 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-24 07:31:33-04

Allen Randall grew up in Baldwin, Louisiana but that doesn’t mean he ever could of predicted the kind of impact he would have on the small town.

In fact, it seemed that Allen would be destined to a career involving baseball and for a while that had been the case.

He had received a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Louisiana Monroe and whispered of a shot playing professionally had started to pop up.

That was until fate had other plans, in the middle of the day while on his way to class Allen’s car was hit by a train.

Miraculously he survived, but not before considerable amounts of time in the hospital. He now totals 32 inches of scarring.

While playing ball never panned out he had received a job as a teacher and had a chance to coach the sport while living with his family in Galveston.

The family lived in Galveston for a decade and by all accounts were happy to stay there when faith would intervene.

When asked Allen couldn’t really define what exactly lead him to return to his home in Baldwin, saying only that he felt a calling.

Once home he got to work setting up a ministry and building up a church to help serve the community that had raised him.

Twenty years have passed and Allen has three ministries set up in Baldwin, Franklin, and New Iberia.

He continues to work to improve the communities he works in, offering services to the young, old, and everyone else in between.