Hog Hunting in Krotz Springs: What’s Your Story

Posted at 5:52 AM, Apr 15, 2019

Along Highway 190 in Krotz Springs, What’s Your Story met Joey Register, a farmer in Logansport Louisiana who has recently been appointed to sit on the Feral Hog Eradication Board.

While the appointment may be new, feral hogs are anything but to Joey who’s been a hunter since he was a kid.

“My very first hog hunt was out in the Kisatchie forest. My brother had gone before and said I had to go with him,” Joey said.

That first hunt, which included a close call with a boar, had him hooked. To this day it’s Joey’s favorite hobby.

Going as often as he can, Joey says it’s more important than just a hobby. “They will decimate everything in sight. There’s no restrictions. They’ll cross roads, cross rivers…”

Wild hogs are considered a nuisance in Louisiana, causing massive amounts of damage to agricultural properties across the state, and maintaining them is difficult as they’re prolific reproducers.

Joey, a farmer himself, grew up on a dairy farm and has seen the damage they can cause firsthand. He recalled a time he caught one from his porch tearing up his garden.

So to try and keep the population down Joey hunts them, and with a growing family hopes that soon he’ll have a little more company.

“I can’t wait to take my granddaughter. She’s five but her mom’s not ready to let her go just yet”