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Sunset’s Past, Present, and Future: What’s Your Story

Posted at 6:45 AM, Feb 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-17 16:02:33-04

In this week’s “What’s Your Story,” we found ourselves in the small town of Sunset.

And in the shadow of the water tower, we were told the story of not just, one person but an entire community.

“If you haven’t discovered sunset yet,” says Claudette Simon of  The Funky Flea. “You’re in for a real treat. We started with a thrift shop opening up.”

That thrift shop was the first seed, a seed that eventually would grow into a unique cultural district.

Simon says the growth has brought many benefits for local artists.

“Local art can be sold at a reduced tax rate.”

It’s also inspired a group of local business owners to start highlighting the various artists living in the area. The ladies turned to as many Sunset artists as possible which they say wasn’t a hard task. As they say, the community is almost bursting with talent.

Some of the featured artists even more “local.”

Business owner Jerilyn LaVergne says she’s even turned her husband into an artist. “He does folk art because he just hangs around. I said, ‘you’ve got to find something to do and not pace the floor.'”

Of course, the women are also showcasing their own artwork, as well.

“I started doing mosaic work I started to doing portraits, my sister does fusion glass and told me to get a kiln and I love it,” says LaVergne who operates Jerilyn’s Fused Glass Gallery.

Sonia Guidry of BOHO creates furniture at her shop with the help of her husband.

“My mom helps out and we have some really great pieces.”

The group of women works in tandem, knowing early on that to get people off the interstate and into Sunset they had to team up.

And these entrepreneurs and artists have big plans for the town.

“We just keep creating events to bring people in to show them what we have for Sunset,” says Simon

The women seem to have been brought together, almost as if by fate.

“Claude and I knew each other, Sonia is the newbie, but she fits right in and she camps with us and parties with us,” says LaVergne.

The group is more than just business owners with a mutual love of art and of Sunset.

“It promotes our culture, it promotes who we are,” says Simon

The Town of Sunset looks to be in good hands, with a group of women business owners who are bringing new life and culture to an already culture-rich community.

And, before we left Sunset, the trio sent us on our way to Acadia Parish.