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Tools for Schools: Woodvale Elementary supplies

KATC Tools for School Supply Drive asking for donations
Posted at 11:03 AM, Feb 22, 2021

Tools for schools going out once again to help our local students.

Today, Anna Olivier with the Jim Olivier Family of Companies was visiting Woodvale Elementary.

Mary Broussard, a teacher at Woodvale, needed help with supplies that kids can't share because of COVID.

"What I requested form the Tools for Schools was basically everything that’s on the supply list times twenty. The reading program that we do is super intense with active reading, collaboration between the kids and right now we cannot do group work like we usually do," Broussard tells us. "So every child instead of sharing has to have their own supplies."

Tools for Schools is helping to solve that issue, Broussard said.

"When I found out about Tools For Schools I was really excited to jump on that opportunity just to kind of get a stockpile of all the tools and all the supplies that I knew that I would need throughout the year," Broussard said. "Knowing that each child would probably need their own sets and so we’re not limited for them to have to since they can’t work in group work. So I was really excited that Jim Olivier and KATC do this and I know my children are going to be super stoked too."