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Tools for Schools: Vidrine Elementary

Posted at 2:44 PM, Feb 23, 2023

Tools for Schools is back on the road once again, thanks to Jim Olivier's Family of Companies.

Anna Olivier tells us that we're visiting Vidrine Elementary in Evangeline Parish.

"Vidrine is always striving for a community where we have a group of learners who know that they're here to learn, but they're also here to be loved. I love my kids, there's not been one person who enters my classroom that has graduated left for high school that I don't think about every day," says teacher Stephen Lacaze.

"They really do become part of my family. One of the biggest problems I had was we include headphones in the supply list, but some kids might not be able to afford it, or if by the time they do have them, they break overtime," Lacaze says. "And what ends up happening is I don't have enough to supply for them."

Some are pretty old, he adds.

"The ones that I do have are probably over ten years old. So having a whole class set of new updated headphones is going to really help," Lacaze says. "And getting this getting these supplies from this company is just another way of showing them that they are loved and they're going to get the things that they need."

Lacaze has some advice for his teaching colleagues.

"I was really excited that I would be able to supply these for my students and really keep them for my classroom for all future generations as well. I just gave a need and they helped. So I'm going to be forever thankful for that. I would definitely suggest reaching out to Tools for Schools," he says.