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Tools for Schools: Southside High

Posted at 7:18 PM, Feb 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-13 20:25:43-05

At Southside High in Lafayette, students with the Black Student Union got T-shirts to spread their messages.

The group requested from KATC and Jim Olivier's Family of Companies that T-shirts be made for the first Black Student Union to help get the word out and let students know they are a group focused on sharing and discussing struggles they face and celebrate heritage.

The group boasts 40 members and expect to gain more.

"We came together as a collective group and made a logo for the shirt representing green red and yellow and we had been trying to find ideas on how to get this and y'all helped us in getting these shirts and we are very appreciative of that."

The group says that with these t-shirts they can focus on their mission to encourage cultural, social, and ethnic diversity on Southside's campus and in the community.

"A lot of things that we have been focused on lately is publicity and making sure we are getting our name out there and making sure that everyone that wants to know or needs to know knows that there is a place for them to come. it's a big deal for us because whoever feels like they don't have a voice or don't know where to go or feel out of place they can feel like they have a place no matter what their race or ethnicity, or anything like that."

The union aims to help in teaching others about diversity and show that through safe conversations and taking part in activities focused around acceptance and tolerance, they can gain an understanding of others while learning about heritage.